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Related post: Date: Sat, 27 Feb 2010 15:54:09 -0500 From: bigmohpost.com Subject: The_Reluctant_Mentor_Part_2_of_3THE RELUCTANT MENTOR - PART TWOCHAPTER SIXRick and Todd returned to the lodge. Todd wanted to go straight to their room but Rick insisted on having lunch first. Todd gave a slight pout but laughed when Rick said, "You might need energy for what we do after lunch."Upon leaving the dining room, they saw a sign posted in the lobby: "The road is open to traffic. We hope you enjoyed your stay with us.""Great!" exclaimed Rick. "We can leave for home right away.""Riiiickkk!" Todd whined."Oh yeah," Rick said, slapping his forehead and pretending to forget what Todd wanted. "You had something else you wanted to do, didn't you?"They spent more than an hour in bed, giving and receiving erotic pleasure. There was, in fact, an undertone of competition as to who could give the most satisfaction to the other. If a trophy were to be awarded, they would tie for first place.At three they began the drive down the canyon towards home. Except for comments on the landslide damage, there was little conversation. Both were lost in their own thoughts. Todd thought mostly about the intimacy with Rick, that it couldn't go on forever, and he would have to find another partner. How to do that was a problem. Rick reflected on the fulfillment of his fantasies. The previous 24 hours were unexpected, unplanned, but thoroughly enjoyable and he was grateful for the experience. He then began to worry. Sex with Todd must end; he was absolutely convinced that was both inevitable and in Todd's best interests. But what about now? What could he do to help the young man? Not with accepting his homosexuality; that was apparently not his problem. It was the isolation from his peer group. The young man seemed to have refused his help but that didn't diminish Rick's wanting to help.*********The following Thursday, Todd was summoned out of study hall to see the school's guidance counselor. It worried him. Would the counselor have the same attitude as the teacher who hadn't let him try out for the school play? Was that the reason for being asked into the counselor's office?He was relieved, however, when Mr. Perry, the counselor, cordially invited him in and said, "Thanks for coming, Todd. I wanted to talk to you about college. I usually do that with Juniors but your transferring in as a Senior ... well ... I slipped up and I apologize. Do you plan to go to college?""Yes, sir," Todd replied. I applied to four schools and have been accepted by two. I'll be going to UCLA next fall. My first choice was Stanford but I didn't make the cut. My GPA and SAT scores were good but I think my lack of extracurricular activities hurt my chances.""Could be," Perry mused. "I see your grades are outstanding. I'm sure your SAT scores were excellent. May I ask why you didn't get involved in any of the clubs here?"Todd fidgeted, unsure of whether he should relate his experience with the drama club."You don't have to answer, Todd, but I'd really like to know.""Well, sir, it's a long story. The short summary is that I'm gay. Everybody seems to know that and nobody wants to let me join. I wanted to join the drama club and try out for the school play but Mrs. Hutchins wouldn't let me. She said I'd be a bad influence."Perry was shocked and made a note on his calendar. "I'll speak to her tomorrow."I didn't mean to get her in trouble," Todd said. "She didn't do anything different than anybody else at school.""Maybe so," Perry replied. "But just between you and me, I believe we blowjobs underaged girls must combat discrimination here whether it's race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.""Still," Todd said hesitantly. "I don't want to cause problems for her."Perry carefully chose his words. "She's a good teacher. But discriminating against a student because he's gay is wrong. And it must not happen again. Being gay is not something to be ridiculed or persecuted. I'm not Hispanic or a Buddhist, or gay but I accept those who are and I try to judge them based on their character. I get impatient and irritated when I see how bigotry hurts people. Both the hated and the hater are injured.""You sound like my Dad. 3d underage toons I wish everybody felt that way.""I'll take that as a compliment," Perry grinned. "Is there any other instance of discrimination you've encountered that I might be able to do something about?""No, sir. I don't think anybody can eliminate underage little nude the hatred I've experienced from the students here. I illegal underage rape just try to tolerate it."Perry winced at the thought of students insulting another student solely because he was gay. Then he said, "Many years ago, I heard a prayer that's guided much of my thinking: `God grant me the serenity to accept things I cannot change, courage to change those I can, and wisdom to know the difference.' I can't change the attitudes of the entire student body but what I can change is the behavior of a teacher who is prejudiced and unfair to students who happen to be gay. How about you, Todd? Do you have the courage to let me use your name when I speak with her?"Todd thought for a moment. If he answered `yes' there might be repercussions for the teacher and for him. If he answered `no' he would admit to lacking the courage to right a wrong. "Okay," he said. "But only if it doesn't jeopardize her job.""It won't, I assure you. Now let's talk about the students here. "I assume that you've been subjected to insults.""Some, yes.""And how does that make you feel?""I dunno. I suppose hurt ... angry ... frustrated."Perry looked at his watch and said, "You should be getting to your next class soon. But before you go, may I give you some advice?""Okay.""You and you alone own your feelings. You can decide whether to be happy or sad. It's up to you to choose. Nobody can dictate to you how to feel. Sure, other people can be unkind and it will hurt but you have the power to control your feelings. I'm not saying it's easy. What I'm saying is that it's worth the effort. You can decide to ignore the insults or you can let them fester in your mind. That's part of the prayer I mentioned. Try to work on the serenity part. Put a little more crudely, Todd, don't let the bastards grind you down."Todd laughed, which surprised Perry, and said, "That exactly what Stu said. He's my friend ... my only friend at school. Maybe that's why Stu and I get along together. He has the same attitude. He doesn't give a shit -- oops, sorry -- he doesn't care what other people think of him. And you know what? He's happy that way. I decided that's how I wanted to be."It was Perry's turn to laugh. So it doesn't get to you when the other kids call you queer?""A little. But I shrug it off. After all, I am queer. They can call me a fag or a homo but those are just labels. The only one that bothers me is `pervert' because that means doing something immoral. Being gay is not immoral. God made me gay. How can that be sinful?""Todd, I must say I'm awed by your attitude. That's exactly the kind of attitude that most teenagers ought to have rather than being controlled by peer pressure. You are, indeed, a remarkable young man.""I guess I'm lucky to have learned from Stu. But mostly from my Dad. Dad and I have had a lot of talks about how to get along. I keep telling him not to worry about me so much but he does anyway. Mom does, too.""Yes, you're very lucky. Lucky to have the parents you do. But take a little credit for yourself. You're smart enough -- no, let me say wise enough -- make good decisions. Now, I'm afraid it's time for you to get to your next class. But remember, my door is open any time you want dutch underage to talk.""Thank you, sir."Todd left much happier than lolly underage when he arrived underage lola pictures in the counselor's office and, when school let out, he went straight to Rick's condo to tell him what happened."Sounds to me," Rick said after hearing about the conversation with the counselor, "that you got some very good advice. Do you think you can do it? Shrug off the insults and be happy as an outsider I mean.""Not that different from what I'm doing now," Todd replied. "The difference is that I don't think it underage nude samples will bother me as much. What the counselor said about having the serenity to accept the things I cannot change makes sense, don't you think?""I suppose it does," Rick said while thinking of his own loneliness and his effort to acquire a circle of friends."Gotta go now," Todd said. "I'd rather stay here and ... you know ... have some fun with you. But I promised Mom and Dad I'd finish my homework so we can go out to eat tonight. It's Mom's birthday so Dad is taking us to a fancy restaurant.""Enjoy!" Rick said as Todd got up to leave.Todd stopped at the front door, turned to Rick, and said, "Thanks for listening. You're my best friend. Like I said before, I love you ... as a good friend, that is.""See you on Saturday?" Rick asked. "Still want to go hiking?""You bet!" Todd gushed and promptly hurried out the door.Suddenly, the condo seemed oppressively empty as Rick contemplated yet another evening alone. As he reflected on Todd's exuberance in telling what happened with the counselor, he had conflicting feelings. He was glad, of course, that Todd felt better about the rampant discrimination at school and not having friends. It was, after all, very important nude underaged sluts that his young friend be happy. But he was deeply disappointed that it now seemed that there was no role for him in helping the teen. It was as though he had lost one of the main purposes in his life.CHAPTER SEVENTodd's last class on Friday was English Composition, an Honors class with high standards for acceptance and for the work required. The teacher was Mrs. Hutchins, the sponsor of underage slut links the drama club who had refused to let Todd try out for the class play. underage pee pics In spite of that, she treated Todd the same as any other student in her class. At the end of the class period, she asked Todd, "If you have time, I'd like underaged russian model to talk to you after class."Todd said that he could stay but began to worry about what the woman had in mind. Could it be underage whores that the counselor had already talked to her about her homophobia? If so, what was her reaction and how might it impact on his grade in her class?The final bell rang and all the students began gathering their things to leave for the day. Todd sat nervously waiting what he feared would be a confrontation with Mrs. Hutchins. She came and sat in a desk adjacent to Todd's and said, "I wanted to commend you on your work in my class. It's rare that I have a student as talented as a writer as you. I sincerely believe that you could become an author of considerable fame."Todd was relieved to hear a compliment instead of another condemnation of his homosexuality. "Thank you, ma'am," he said. "I try to do my best.""And your best is extremely good, Todd. I wanted you to know that before I mentioned something else. Mr. Perry spoke to me today about not letting you try out for the school play." Todd's relief suddenly turned to anxiety as she continued, "He warned me, in no uncertain terms, that I must never base my future decisions on a student's sexual orientation. That means only one thing: you told him about my discouraging you from joining the drama club. Did you?"There was only one acceptable response. Todd could not lie nor could he ignore Perry's encouragement to be courageous enough to change the things he could. "Yes, ma'am. It came up in a conversation about college admissions. I said that my lack of extra-curriculars probably excluded me from my first choice college. He wanted to know more and I told him.""I see," the woman said. "He asked me to apologize to you. I can't do that, Todd, because the life style you've chosen is immoral and as a teacher I have a responsibility to foster appropriate values in all my students."Todd was irritated that she was transferring her religious beliefs to her job, which gave him the bravery to say, "Being gay is not immoral any more than red hair or left-handedness. They're uncommon but not immoral. And it's not a `life style choice.' It's what I am. With respect, ma'am, you have no right to bring religious values into a public school. You have every right to cherish those values but you don't have the underage pussy fucked right to deny gays the opportunity to participate in the drama club."Mrs. Hutchins was visibly upset by the young teen's audacity to lecture her on morality and her responsibilities as a teacher. "Well, young man," she blurted out angrily. "I will abide bbs ls underage by Mr. Perry's directive not to discriminate in the classroom. But I will continue to regard homosexuality as an aberration and perversion.""Is that all? May I go now?" Todd said curtly."Yes," she replied. Todd gathered his things and walked to the door but was stopped when the teacher called, "Oh. Todd." He turned to face her. "Just to be clear, I admire the work you've done in this class.""Thank you," he replied as he promptly turned and walked out.Todd stood just outside the front door of the school, shaken by the confrontation he had had with his teacher. Moments later, Stu came out of the building and greeted Todd, "Another week of school is over!" At that point he noticed something about Todd. "Are you all right?" he asked."I'm fine. Or will be." He proceeded to tell his friend about the session with Mrs. Hutchins."I'm proud of you, Todd," Stu gushed. "She had it coming. You may have won a small victory for us misfits."Todd gave Stu a puzzled look and said, "I'm not so sure. She may ukraine underage treat me better only out of fear of losing her job. But I don't know if it will help others much. She's a bigot and hates gays. It won't help independent mavericks like you." Stu dropped his eyes to the ground, which confused Todd enough to say, "Hey, Stu. That was not an insult. I like you because you're independent and because you don't conform to what other people think you should do."Stu looked into Todd's face with an intensity Todd had never underaged shaven pussy seen in him before. "Todd," he said hesitantly. "Can we walk over and sit under the tree for a while. I want to tell you something ... something that I haven't dared say to you before."Todd followed his friend -- his only friend at school -- mystified by the odd change in his demeanor. They sat on the grass silently for a few moments before Todd russian underage schoolgirls said, "Okay, pal. What is it you wanted to say?""It's simply this," Stu began, struggling for words. "I like you. I like you a lot. The other kids don't like you because you're gay. I like you more because you're gay." The teen stopped speaking and fiddled with some blades of grass at his feet."Excuse me, Stu, but that doesn't make sense. Why would you like me because I'm queer?""Dammit, Todd! You're bright but sometimes you can be so fucking dense. Think! Why would another guy like you more because you're gay? And you're not queer, asshole; you're GAY!Todd was stunned by the apparent meaning behind what his friend was trying but possibly unable to say. "You are, too?" he asked tentatively."Congratulations! Two and two make four. You finally solved the problem. It sure as hell took you long enough!""But you never told me." Todd exclaimed."I didn't come right out and say it, dummy. But I've tried to let you know almost all year. You didn't pick up on that?""No. But let's share the blame. You're always saying what you think even if it pisses off people. So I trusted you to say what you thought about me. All you've ever said is that you like me. Why didn't you tell me you're gay?"Stu fidgeted, cast his eyes to the ground, and struggled to summon the courage to confess something more embarrassing than admitting he was gay. He was proud of saying what he thought but this was different; the reason for not telling anyone -- even his best friend, Todd -- was painfully distressing.Todd recognized Stu's pain and said, "Come on, buddy. You're my best friend. If I'm your friend, you can tell me anything. Why didn't you tell me you're gay?"Still looking at the ground, afraid of Todd's reaction, Stu said, "'Cause I was scared! Scared my dad would find out. He's mean, Todd. I knew that he would beat the living shit out of me if he knew. Which japanese underage girl he did. Last night. He got home from work just after midnight as usual But he found some gay stuff on my computer. He came into my bedroom and woke me up ... not very gently, either. He was yelling, calling me all kinds of filthy names, and then started to `teach me a lesson' by hitting me. I managed to duck most childporn underage illegal of the blows but he's not only mean, he's strong. He grabbed me from behind and started pounding me on the head. He even threatened to cut my dick off so I couldn't put it in some fag's asshole."Stu then broke down in tears. Todd hugged him, oblivious to the possibility that they would be seen in an embrace. Even if he had worried about that, it wouldn't have mattered. His good friend Stu needed to be comforted and to know that he was not alone.Eventually, Stu regained control of his emotions and pulled away from Todd. "So now you know the ugly truth. I'm gay. My Dad hates me. I'm afraid to go home asian underage girls to another beating. What can I do, Todd?"They were silent for a long time before Todd said, "Come home with me. Your dad goes to work at four. When he's gone, we'll go to your house and get a few of your things. Stay the weekend with me. Maybe by Monday, we can come up with something.""I can't do that, Todd. You haven't even asked your parents if I can stay with you.""I don't have to. They know you're my only friend ... and a good friend. I'm sure they would be happy to have you stay with us. You don't have to tell them why if you don't want to but if you do, I guarantee that they will think no less of you. They know I'm gay and they're okay with it. Come on. My car's over there. I'm taking you home with me."Tom and Ann couldn't have been more pleased that Todd had invited Stu to stay the weekend. Stu was very nervous about meeting Todd's parents. He tried his best to hide it but it showed. Todd's parents assumed that their son's mafia underage sex guest was just shy in unfamiliar surroundings so nude underage xxx they were especially cordial and welcoming. By the time dinner was over, Stu seemed to have relaxed. The two teens then went to Todd's room to play video games. Later, Todd went to the kitchen to get two cans of Pepsi. His mother said, "I've tidied up the guest room and put in some fresh towels for Stu.""Ah, Mom," Todd began hestitantly. "Stu's having some family problems at home and is very upset. He needs a friend right now. He doesn't need to be alone. If you don't mind, I'd like him to sleep in underage sex chat my room with me." Both Tom and Ann looked at their son quizzically. They were curious about the family problems but Todd misinterpreted their expression and added, "It's not what you think. I may hold him to let him know he has a friend but that's all."His parents looked at each other and laughed, which confused Todd. Ann said, "That's not what we were thinking, son. We were only wondering why Stu is that upset.""Oh," Todd blushed. "He had an argument with his father; that's why he's upset.""Okay," his father said. "We'll leave it at that. And we're proud of you for being concerned enough to invite him here." Then, with a wink, he added, "Do whatever you think is best to comfort him."The significance of the wink was not lost on Todd. He set the two cans of Pepsi underage nudes child down, rushed to his parents sitting on the sofa, gave them a hug, and said, "I love you both. Nobody has better parents than I do.""Not all parents have a wonderful son like you, either," Ann replied with moist eyes.It was nearly midnight when the Stu said, "If you don't mind, I'd like to go to bed now. I didn't get much sleep last night.""I understand," Todd replied. "And by girls underage photos the way, you're sleeping here. You don't mind sharing a double bed, do you?"Stu's jaw dropped. "You mean... In bed with you? What about your parents? What will they think?""All they know is that you've had some family problems. I didn't go into details. I told them I thought you needed company. And don't worry. They don't know you're gay so it's just two friends having a sleepover. Did you think to bring your pajamas?""I ... well ... I don't have any. To tell the truth, I don't wear anything to bed but I can keep my boxers on if you like.""I'd like you to feel at home. Sleep nude if that's what you prefer. I do.""I don't know," Stu said hesitatingly. "Maybe we should play it safe.""You're safe here, my friend. I won't molest you.""It's not that, dumbass," Stu replied. "It's ... ah ... SHIT! What I mean is that I've wanted to be in bed with you for so long. I imagine you're with me when I jerk off. I wanted you so bad it hurts sometimes. It's not you asian underage nude molesting me that worries me. It's finally being with you and not being able to do anything."Todd gave Stu a wicked smile and said, "Like I said, I want you to be comfortable. And have you considered that I might want to do something, too?""But your parents..." Stu objected."They won't know. And trust me. Even if they did know they wouldn't mind. I told you they're okay with me being gay. They've even as much as told me I could have sex with somebody if I wanted to and was careful.""I don't believe it," Stu said."Listen. Last year in the other school, I had a boyfriend. My parents didn't know we were having underage boys model sex until after we broke up. But when I came out to them, I told them about it. They didn't exactly approve at the time because they were too surprised that I was gay. But we've talked about it since and they specifically told me that I could have sex with somebody provided I was careful about STDs and the other guy was willing. Bottom line: they won't know and wouldn't care if they did know because you're my best friend.""Geezus!" Stu exclaimed. "I wish I had parents like that instead of a bitchy mother who ran off two years ago with some sleazebag with a bigger cock than Dad's. And a Dad who's the definition of an ignorant, vicious bigot.""Don't think about that tonight, Stu. Think about being here and safe. Think about us being in bed and enjoying each other ... in any way you want."Stu still seemed hesitant, which was uncommon nudistunderage for him since he had always been outspoken about what he thought. To overcome his friend's reluctance, Todd grabbed him in a hug and held him tightly for a while. Breaking the hug, he said, "I can't think of anything I'd rather do than hold my best friend in my cp illegal underage arms all night long. After, of course, we have a bit of fun together. Now let's get naked and get into bed."Stu still felt inhibited although he craved what Todd had suggested. He stood there, almost afraid to believe it was happening. He was also afraid of doing something stupid since this would be his first sex with anyone. "I don't know what to say, Todd. I don't know what to do. I've never done this before.""Then let me demonstrate," Todd grinned. "Watch and learn. And do whatever you feel comfortable doing."Todd unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. He pulled his tee shirt up over his head and tossed it aside. He took Stu's hands and placed them one over each nipple but had to move his friend's hands around to encourage him to massage his chest. Stu took the hint and continued on his own. Todd then removed underage nude tweens Stu's shirt, massaged his chest briefly and then pulled him into a hug so their bare skin was in full contact. Todd started to grind his crotch into Stu's who responded with a prolonged sigh.Stepping back, Todd quickly kicked off his shoes, pulled off his socks, and took off his pants and boxers in one movement. He stood for Stu's examination. The virgin's eyes were riveted to his friend's crotch as he watched the semi-hard cock swell, lengthen, and stand erect. Stu was mesmerized by the sight of his friend's naked, available body but was brought back to his senses when Todd said, "Well, are you going to join me or stand there?"Stu quickly shed the rest of his clothes, revealing an impressive and already rigid dick."Now it's my turn to admire," Todd said. "But I prefer to do it with my hands as well."He knelt down in front of Stu and rubbed his hands down the side of his torso to his hips, then up his thighs. "Nice," he cooed. "Very nice!"He stood and gently maneuvered Stu to the bed where he laid him down on his right side. He crawled in next to him and pulled him into another embrace while grinding their hard-ons against each other. Stu moaned in delight.After some stimulating fondling, Todd rolled his friend over onto his back and began kissing and licking his way down from nipples to navel. When he licked the precum off the head of Stu's cock, the nearly delirious recipient of the attention gasped. Todd almost chuckled but, instead, looked up at his friend and smiled, "I forgot one rule -- no screams. Enjoy, but not loudly."Todd used every skill at his command to arouse, stimulate, and please his bed partner even to the point of interrupting his sucking when he sensed that Stu was near climax only to return to the task to take him to a higher level of excitement.Stu began to buck his hips. Todd remained still and let the anxious teen fuck his mouth."Let go!" Stu said in a hoarse whisper. "I gotta squirt. NOW!"Todd clamped down on the pistoning rod, eager to take every drop of Stu's cream.In spite of Todd's warning, Stu yelled "Oh fuck!" as his cock twitched and erupted with several volleys of cum deep into the welcoming throat of his friend.Having licked off the last few oozes of cum from Stu's cock, Todd lay down beside him, waiting for the post-orgasmic bliss to subside."Why'd you do that?" Stu asked. "I warned you.""'Cause I wanted to. I wanted part of you inside fuck underaged girl me. Now we're true friends."Stu smiled. "Not yet. I need youngest underage girls yours in me.""Are you sure? I mean you don't have to swallow it.""Very sure!" Stu said. "I've been hoping for this a long time."Stu brought Todd back to a full erection and duplicated, although not as artfully, the treatment he had received. Todd tried to hold off and prolong the enjoyment but his will failed him too soon and he filled the mouth of his surprised but grateful friend.They cuddled tightly together, softly caressing each other but saying nothing until Stu asked, "What's the opposite of miserable?""I dunno. Maybe ecstatic.""That's what I am right now: ecstatic. You just don't know how I've longed for this. But was afraid to come right out and ask you.""There's underage nudists sex going to be a lot more of it, Stu. That is, if you're still interested.""Does a bear shit in the woods? Of course I'm interested."They fell asleep underage kdz porn extremely happy with their arms and legs intertwined.In the morning, Stu was spooned into Todd's back with his morning woodie lodged into the crack of his friend's ass. Todd woke first, felt the heat of Stu's body, and was grateful that -- perhaps -- he had found underaged girls webcam a lover. The `perhaps' depended on whether they could deepen their affection for each other. And on circumstances beyond their control -- like Stu's father. That was the immediate problem. Maybe Rick could offer some advice. RICK! Todd had forgotten all about their hiking excursion that day. He looked at the clock-radio. Eight thirty. Rick expected him around ten. Should he call Rick and cancel? No. That would disappoint him partly because they had planned on some relaxation and recreation in bed when they returned from the hike. underaged clip Should he ask if Stu could go hiking with them? Rick would probably agree but underage school uniform still be disappointed over not having the anticipated sex. What to do? He would have to figure that out later. At that moment, he had to pee. CHAPTER EIGHTAfter Todd's visit on Thursday nudity underage in which he related his conversation with the school's guidance counselor, Rick was both pleased and disappointed. He was glad that Todd had benefited from the counselor's advice and was much more comfortable being an outsider at school. But he was sorry that he had done -- or could do -- nothing more to help the young man. Robbed of that purpose in his otherwise lonely life, he wondered what to do.He decided that the quickest way to dispel his emptiness would be to walk over to the Club House and work out in the Cardio Room. He changed into his sweat pants, a tee shirt, and sneakers. Leaving his empty condo behind ... although nonude underage pics its suffocating silence lingered in his thoughts ... he walked the short distance to the Club House and headed for the gym where there was an assortment of exercise equipment. It was not as crowded as it was evenings and on the weekend.More than an hour later, sweaty and exhausted, he elected to shower in the gym before going home. Upon entering the deserted locker room, he stripped and walked toward the showers. There, he got a surprise. Another man who he guessed to be about 50 was standing under one of the shower underage schoolgirl pics heads letting the hot water rain down on his back and exposing Rick to a full frontal view. Rick gave the man a quick visual inspection but his eyes locked on his crotch. The man was totally lacking even a hint of pubic hair, which accentuated the length and width of his dangling cock. It was a sight he had seen on a few gay web sites but somehow thought shaving down there was a fetish reserved for gay models. He never gave a thought to others doing it.The stranger's voice jarred him. "Hi. Water's fine. Come on in."Rick panicked when he realized he had been caught staring young underaged porn at the man's private parts. He said "Hi" and turned away toward the faucet for another shower head on the opposite wall. He couldn't help himself; for the next several minutes, he stole quick glances at the other man's barren pubic area. Much to his surprise, the stranger seemed to make no effort to turn away as most men would do but, instead, seemed to be quite unconcerned about displaying himself brazenly."I can see you're curious about this," the man said, pointing to his crotch."No! ... well ... ah ... yes," Rick stammered."It's an idiosyncrasy, I suppose," the man said. "I get a lot of strange reactions when other guys see it but I just think it's as normal as shaving the hair off your face every morning. A matter of good grooming. But you probably think that's weird.""No. It's unusual, of course," Rick tactfully said, hoping also to justify his wandering eyes. "I hope you forgive my starring.""No problem, pal. Doesn't bother me a bit."Rick hurried through his shower and returned to the locker room to dry off and dress. The other man followed close behind. As they dried themselves off, the stranger extended his underaged naked pictures hand and said, "I'm Stan Harris. I just moved in. Building one."Rick shook his hand and said, "I'm Rick Chambers. Pleased to meet you, neighbor."Rick was a little disturbed that Stan gripped his hand for free underage teensex longer than was customary. They chatted about the amenities of the Club House and exchanged inconsequential information about their background and interests. When Rick mentioned his late wife, he thought he saw a frown underage pedo schoolgirls cross Stan's face."I'm sorry you lost your wife," Stan said. "It must have upset you.""Yes, but she had been ill for some time and it was not unexpected. The hard part has been adjusting to living alone.""I'm single, too," Stan said. "We ought to go out for dinner some time. How about tonight? Do you have plans for dinner?""None. Just me and the microwave," Rick laughed."Great," Stan said enthusiastically. "Why don't we meet here in the Club House lobby? Say about seven? I know a great little Italian restaurant not 15 minutes away. You like Italian?""Sounds good," Rick said, still puzzled by Stan's outgoing and uninhibited nature.They thorough enjoyed their dinner. The conversation was lively and they laughed a underage bbs guestbook lot. Rick couldn't remember having such a pleasant time, which was all the more remarkable because he had met Stan only hours before. Much of the camaraderie could be credited to Stan whose energy, good humor, and extraversion didn't just carry the conversation but engaged Rick as well.It was past nine when lola pedo underage Stan pulled his BMW into the garage behind his condo building. As the two new friends got out of the car, Stan said, "It's still early. Would you join me for a nightcap? I have some fine single-malt scotch ... or I could find something else to your liking."Rick was hesitant but the momentum of their rapport and the thought of returning to his empty condo compelled him to accept the invitation.Although Stan had said he had just moved in, his new home was elegantly furnished and, Rick thought, in a very tasteful and artful way. He complimented Stan, saying, "This sure doesn't look like the stereotypical bachelor pad.""Thanks. I guess I'm a bit of a neat freak. But you may have guessed that when you saw me in the shower this afternoon."It took a moment for Rick to connect the dots but he laughed at the reference to Stan's shaved pubic area. underaged oriental girls Stan asked for his guest's drink preference and excused himself to go into the kitchen to pour the drinks. While he was alone in the living room, Rick more carefully examined the décor. The item that caught his eye was an oil painting above the fireplace of Stan with another man. As he studied it, Stan returned with the drinks and a tray of snacks and said, "Here's your scotch. I hope you like it.""I was admiring the painting," Rick said. "Obviously done by a skilled artist.""Yes, it was done by a young man in Paris. Since doing that one, he's gone on to have some very successful one-man exhibits underage llita sex throughout Europe. The man with me -- because I know you're wondering -- is my former partner, David.""Former?" Rick asked and immediately regretted the question because it might be regarded as prying into personal affairs.Stan turned suddenly solemn. "Unfortunately, he died about a year ago. We were hiking in the Alps. He slipped and fell into a deep gorge. We'd been together for almost 15 years.""I'm sorry to hear that," Rick said, uncomfortable about having made such a trite remark."It broke me up for a long time. So ... I suppose you've concluded that I'm gay and he and I were lovers. It's true. Does it bother you that you're having drinks with a queer?""Not in the least," Rick replied honestly. And then he said something that, if he had given it any thought, he would not have said. "Because you're doing the same thing."Stan was astonished at what he thought he had heard. Rick was also astonished that he had so glibly disclosed his true nature to a virtual stranger and tried, desperately and futilely, to extract himself from the position he had put himself in."I think I may have misunderstood you, Rick. You said I'm doing the same thing ... as in having a drink with a queer. Surely, that's impossible. You're straight! Married. Or was."Devoid of any ideas to correct his mistake and influenced by the connection he had made with Stan, Rick took the only option that seemed open to him. "Not impossible, Stan. There are lots of men -- especially of my age who grew up in an oppressive atmosphere -- that are gay but lived a straight life to avoid the persecution heaped on homos. I'm one of them. I didn't have the courage that you obviously had to be what you are ... to live with and love another man. I admire and envy you for that."Stan didn't say anything for a while as he tried to absorb what he had heard. Just as Rick's discomfort neared a peak, Stan said, "Sonofabitch! I never would have thought you were gay. On the other hand, you probably knew about me from the first time you saw me in the shower.""Oh? How's that?" Rick asked."My crotch, silly! Or maybe you didn't know that it's common for gay men to shave there. Mitch liked it so I got in the habit of shaving. He did, too. After he died, I guess the habit persisted.""Well," Rick said. "I must confess that I've seen several models on gay web sites like that but never seen one ... in the flesh, so to speak."Stan laughed, which underage drinking penalties did a lot to relieve Rick's tension."So tell me, if you don't mind," Stan said. "How does a gay man survive married to a woman for so long?""Survive is too strong a word, Stan. I got a lot of satisfaction out of our sex. I was rewarded with terrific children and grandchildren. It was not underage illegal incest as bad as you may think. But I must confess that the yearnings did not go away.""I know I'm getting personal and you don't have to answer but you've never had sex underage petit girls with a man?""When I was about 17, before I met my wife, I had a summer-long affair with a farm hand on my Dad's farm." Rick paused, to decide whether to continue. He continued but bent the truth a little to protect Todd. "More recently, I've had a few sessions with a friend I know rather well.""Is he still in the picture?" Stan asked."Yes and no. It's with the explicit understanding that it's for nothing more than sex and the relationship cannot continue. I'll leave it at that and not get into the reasons.""Of course!" Stan replied. "You've already told me more than you had to, maybe more than you wanted to, and certainly more than I had a right to ask about. Now, can I refill your glass?"Rick nodded, glad for the interruption in the nature of the discussion. When underage child fotos Stan returned with the second round of drinks, he was barefoot and bare-chested. "I hope you don't mind my getting comfortable. When I'm alone, I usually pad around this way.""It's your home, Stan. You have the right to do what you want."They nursed their drinks and chatted for a while longer. It was close to ten when Rick said, "Thanks for the dinner, the drinks, and the pleasant conversation but I should probably be going."Stan immediately asked, "Can you stay the night? Here?"Rick, oblivious to the underlying invitation, said, "Thanks but it's a short walk porn asian underage home and two drinks are not enough to impair my sense of direction.""As you please, my friend. But I was thinking ... in fact hoping ... that you could spend the night here and we could ... well ... explore what we have in common.""Are you talking about sex?" Rick asked, surprised at the nature of the offer."If you care to put it that bluntly, yes. That sexy underage photos is, if you want to. I do. It's been a long time for me. Sure, I could have tried the gay bar scene but I don't want a one-night stand just to get my rocks off. Maybe I'm fussy but I want someone I like. And I like you. I've thoroughly enjoyed your company all evening and would like to extend that pleasure. If you decline, I'll understand but I hope you'll accept."Rick was speechless as he quickly thought about the opportunity and possible consequences. Out of nowhere, a photo he had seen on the Web the night before popped into his mind and he burst out laughing.Stan was bewildered by Rick's instant change from serious consideration to boisterous laughter."Sorry," Rick managed to say when he stopped laughing. "For no logical reason, I remembered a picture on a gay Web site. A studly hunk was wearing nothing but a tee shirt. In bold lettering across the front it said, `I fuck on the first date.' We've only had one date ... if you want to call it that ... and you're inviting me into your bed."Then Stan laughed. "Believe me, Rick. It's not my habit. I was serious when I said that I waited to find someone I liked. And honest when I said I liked you. It's definitely not a underage models colombianas `biff, bang, thank you man' kind of offer.""In that case," Rick grinned. "I'm flattered and honored to be your guest ... and companion ... overnight."Stan's smile was broad and bright. "Who knows?" he said. "It may develop into underage kissing teens something more than overnight." He rose from his chair, took Rick's hands, lingerie sexy underage and pulled him to his feet. "Come, my friend. Let me show you how hospitable I can be."He led his guest to the master bedroom that took Rick's breath away. A king-size, canopied bed dominated the room. A large, mirrored head board faced the closet with full-length, mirrored, sliding doors on the opposite wall. Maroon drapes quietly closed across the window when Stan turned on the lights in crystal sconces on either side of the bed."It's beautiful," Rick gasped."The credit goes to David, my former partner. He had a bit of a flare for the dramatic and, for obvious reasons, gave the bedroom special attention. You should have seen the expression on the electrician's face when he came to wire the lights and drapes last week. I can't imagine what he's telling his buddies now." They both laughed.Rick had more than his fantasies fulfilled that night. Todd had a little experience and not a small degree of skill underage sexymodels photos but porn underaged fucking Stan was an absolute master as he took his guest to the heights of erotic delight and beyond -- once in bed and again in the shower before they yielded to sleep locked in a blissful embrace. They awoke about eight the next morning and, after a hurried trip to the bathroom, spent more than an hour making love that was punctuated by thoroughly satisfying orgasms.Over breakfast, Stan said, "Thanks for staying last night. I hope you can come for a visit again. Soon!""After last night," Rick replied with a grin, "I'm not sure I'll ever be able to CUM again."Stan laughed and said, "Of course you can! You've demonstrated both the volume and the force of that hose between your legs -- not to mention your regenerative powers.""Possibly," Rick underaged latin girls mused. "But I can't match you. I felt like I was chug-a-lugging a gallon the first time. And again this morning."Stan clasped and held Rick's hand and said, "Can we do it again? Often? Maybe tonight?""Sorry, Stan. I have a ... an appointment Saturday morning." Stan put on a pouty face so Rick quickly added, "But I'm free Saturday night. My turn to treat you to dinner. Is that all right?"Rick underage naked toys walked home a very happy man. CHAPTER NINETodd snuggled up to Stu and shook him gently to wake him. "Good morning," he said. "Time to rise and shine. Mom's fixing breakfast. We have time to get dressed although I wish we could stay like this for a lot longer."Stu grinned and said, "So do I. Maybe for a week or so."While the two teens dressed, Todd said, "I was planning on going hiking today with Rick. Would you like to come along or would you rather I not go? I won't go if you don't want to.""I think you should go, Todd. I know how much you enjoy being with him. I'll be all right. I can hang out somewhere until you get back.""That was not one of your choices! We both go hiking or we both stay here. Which will it be?""You don't think Rick will mind me tagging along?""No. In fact, he said he'd like to meet you when I told him what a good friend you were."Stu hesitated and said, "Okay, if you're sure it's all right.""Okay then. We'll go hiking," Todd said enthusiastically. "I'll phone Rick and tell him."Breakfast was a unique treat for Stu. beastiality underage At home, he usually grabbed a Pop Tart but Mrs. Peterson had fixed French toast, a slice of ham, a small bowl of fruit, and a tall glass of milk. He thanked her but she brushed it off saying, "Glad to do it. Glad to have you here. Eat and enjoy."Todd's Dad came in and sat down to eat. "Good morning, boys," he underage adult said brightly. "Sleep well?""Very well," Todd replied."Well," his Dad said, "I was a little concerned when I heard one of you yell. Was there a problem?"Both boys blushed, fidgeted, and looked down at their breakfast plate. Thinking quickly, Todd said, "Just a bad dream; that's all."Tom and Ann Peterson grinned at each other, confident that their son and his guest had enjoyed themselves."So what's the plan for the day?" Todd's mother asked. "Are you still going hiking with Rick or should I have lunch ready?""We'll go hiking," Todd answered. "I need to call Rick first, though, to make sure Stu can come along."Rick answered Todd's call and readily agreed to the request. Had it not been for his night with Stan and the promise of more similar visits, Rick would have been disappointed. He had been looking forward to some private time in bed with Todd after the hike. Now, however, he didn't mind. In fact, he was pleased that Todd had a friend to invite.The boys left for the short walk to Rick's condo just before ten. On the way, Todd stopped and said, "Wait a minute, Stu. I need to tell you something.""And that is?" Stu replied curiously."Rick knows you're my best friend but he doesn't know you're gay. Hell, I didn't know until yesterday. He does know that I'm gay. And let me tell you something weird. He's been straight all his life but he understands how a gay feels. We've talked about it a lot. He doesn't judge or condemn; he just listens and gives some really good advice. He's a cool dude! He's been a huge help to me putting up with the ridicule from kids at school. He's stressed the need for me to find someone my own age ... someone to live with and love. I think I may have found that someone -- you. underage child pedo So here's what I'd like to do if it's all right with you. I'd like to tell him that you're gay like me and that we're boyfriends,""I'm not so sure that's a good idea, Todd.""I would never suggest it if I didn't think some good would come of it. Like I said, he understands guys like you and me. And I think he can give you ... give US ... some good advice. underage angels bbs One more thing: you can trust him. He won't tell anybody about your being gay or about us being boyfriends.""Okay," Stu said. "If you're sure about that.""Absolutely sure!" Todd said emphatically. "There's one more thing I need to ask you. He knows nothing about your father or your home life. Maybe it's a problem you and I will have to solve by ourselves. But maybe he can help. What do you think? Should we tell him or not?""NO!" Stu exclaimed. "It's embarrassing to have a mean, bigot for a father. I'd just as soon not tell strangers about it.""Okay. All we'll say is that you're spending the weekend with me."Rick answered his door bell and invited the two teens in. Todd handled the introductions and Rick said, "It's a great pleasure to meet you, Stu. Todd has told me what a good friend you are and any friend of his is a friend of mine."Todd said, "He's more than a good friend, Rick." Putting his arm around Stu's waist, he continued, "We're boyfriends now."After a moment of surprise, Rick asked, "Does that mean...?Todd interrupted. "Yes, it does."Rick gushed, "That's wonderful! I'm very happy for you both. I guess this makes our hike today almost a family outing ... with me tagging along, of course.""Can't have that," Todd said. "We'll just have to make you an honorary uncle."Rick laughed and then pulled both boys into an embrace. "I'm honored to be your uncle. And I wish you both happiness."Stu had been silent since entering Rick's condo. He was still overwhelmed by Todd's parents' acceptance of him into their home and could hardly believe Rick's warm welcome and unqualified approval of being Todd's boyfriend."Okay, my two new nephews, are we sex underage funlumpkins ready to venture out into the wilderness?"Todd asked to sit in the pedo free underage back seat with Stu on the drive to the mountains and before he could explain why, Rick said, "Sure" and added with a grin and a wink, "just schoolgirl nude underage behave yourselves back there. Okay?" Todd laughed but Stu blushed.Half way up the canyon, Stu had said very little. To encourage him to talk and as a cautionary measure, Rick asked, "Stu, I assume your parents gave you permission to go hiking."Stu looked at Todd who shrugged his shoulders as if to say, what you say is up to you."Well, sir," Stu said. "My mom ran off a couple of years ago. It's just me and my Dad. And he doesn't care."Rick sensed that there was a lot more to the story but it was prudent to change the subject and not to pry. "Have you been hiking before?""No, sir." Stu replied."Let's get two things straight, Stu. First of all, I'm not a sir. To you and Todd, I'm just another guy. A little older, perhaps, but just a guy. With a name. You'd make me happy if you called me Rick. Will you do that for me?""Yes, sir ... I mean, yes, Rick.""Great! Now the second thing. I don't bite. I don't even growl. So don't be afraid of saying what you think around me. Todd told me that's one of the reasons he admires you -- that you're honest about what you think and feel. I admire that also. japan underage pussy Let me give an example. Suppose you thought something I said was stupid. Would I be upset if you said so? Absolutely not. I would admire you for being honest. Especially because sometimes I say stupid things. So never ... NEVER ... hold back. Oh, and one more thing. I made a promise to Todd and I'll make the same promise to you. Whatever we talk about is between us and nobody else. I promise you that I won't go tattling about what you say. Fair enough?""Yes, sir ... underage nudist images ahh ... Rick. Dammit! I can't get used to calling an old man by his first name!""Good for you!" Rick nearly shouted. "You said what was on your mind. Thanks. But here's a piece of my mind in return. "I want you to underage hot call me Rick. If we're going to be friends, I can't be a sir. And I really hope we can be friends. Not, by the way, `boyfriends' like you and Todd. That's something special between just you two. But I'd like to be an ordinary friend."Todd was grinning as he grabbed Stu's hand and squeezed it. "What did I tell you?" cute underage bbs he whispered to his boyfriend."I heard that!" Rick called back. "Just what have you been saying about me?""That you're a cool dude," Todd shot back and added with a laugh, "For an old man, that is."All three then broke out in laughter. It was the moment that broke the ice. Stu was far more relaxed and outgoing from that point on.Rick parked the car at the base of a towering hill. He grabbed a back pack filled with water, energy bars for a snack, and a first-aid kit. As he slung it over his shoulders, Todd said, "You don't have to show off, old man. Let one of us carry it."Rick lunged at Todd, threw him to the ground, straddled his waist, and pinned his arms above his head. Snarling, he said, "Listen, whipper-snapper. We got rid of that `sir' shit. Now let's get rid of the `old man' shit." Having previously found Todd's underage models bbs ticklish spots, Rick proceeded to bring him to uncontrollable laughter.""Stop! Stop! Back off!" Todd pleaded while Stu roared with laughter.Rick stood up. "That oughta teach you," he gloated."Geez, Rick, you almost made me pee my pants.""Go find a tree to index porn underage water, then," Rick snapped. Turning to Stu, he said, "You, too, if you hafta. But go in opposite directions. I don't want to wait here while you two find something better to do than hike."Todd scampered off into the woods to relieve himself but Stu just stood there, unable to believe what he had heard Rick say. Rick put his hands on his hips, looked Stu in the eye, and said, "Well, do you have to pee or not?"Stu didn't answer for a moment but then said, "I can't fuckin believe you, Rick. I can understand you accepting that I'm gay and Todd's boyfriend but you joke about it like it's the most natural thing in the world.""It is natural, Stu. The majority of underage masturbating topsites men like women. What's unnatural is the bigotry of the majority against men who like men. Homosexuality is just as natural as a black skin or an ethnic heritage or, for that matter, a political affiliation. Unfortunately, minorities have always been dominated and sometimes persecuted. More unfortunate is that gays are subjected to an especially severe persecution. But you know that, don't you. You've seen the way Todd is treated at school."Stu, for all of his independence and faux macho manner, began to tear up. "Gawd, Rick," he said. "I wish my Dad was like you.""Come here, Stu," Rick said holding out his arms.Stu couldn't resist the invitation, fell into a hug, and hugged back. "All I can add, Stu, is that I hope you two can support and defend each other. And that you will learn to love each other and be happy together."Just then, Todd came back out of the woods and saw Rick and nudity teen underage Stu embracing each other. He called out, "Hey, you two! No making love just because I left you alone."Rick frowned at Todd and shook his head while continuing to hold tightly to Stu. Todd stopped in his tracks, unsure of what was going on. Rick whispered in Todd's ear, "Your boyfriend is back. He's the one you should be hugging."Stu broke the hug, wiped his eyes with the back of his hand, and looked up at Rick to say, "Todd was right, Rick. You're a helluva cool dude.""For an old man?" asked Rick."NO! I've seen what you do to somebody that calls you an old man.""Just remember that!" Rick joked. "Now, if you don't mind, I'm going off to pee. You can underage fuckers tell Todd why we were hugging if you want but I promised you that I wouldn't. And I won't."Rick beckoned Todd to come over and then walked away toward the woods. He really didn't have to pee but he wanted to give the two teens a few minutes of private time."What was all that about?" Todd asked his boyfriend."Nothing much," Stu said. "Just the most loving and encouraging thing I've ever heard an adult say. It made me feel good about myself. And about us. He's one in a million, Todd. Everything you said about him was an understatement."Todd was pleased with what Stu said but it aroused his curiosity about what Rick had told him. "I suppose he made you promise not to tell me what he said.""No. Although he promised not to tell." Stu then related a summary of what Rick had said."I could have guessed that," Todd said. "It's so like him. But thanks for telling me."It took almost two hours for the trio to reach the top of the hill laughing and joking all the way. They sat and rested at the top. Rick broke out the fruit and snack bars to eat while they enjoyed a spectacular view of the valley. At one point, Rick asked Stu, "I forgot to ask. When do you have to be home?""Never, I hope!" Stu replied without thinking.Rick was stunned but something told him that he ought not to ask why Stu was so forceful.Todd tried to limit the damage by saying, "Stu's staying with me for the weekend so he doesn't have to be home at any special time today.""Okay," Rick said. "I just didn't want to get in trouble with your Dad."Stu studied Rick for a moment while deciding whether to explain his comment. His expression soured and he spoke defiantly. "You said you wanted me to say what's on my mind so get ready for a horror story. Dad found out that I'm gay Thursday night. He went fuckin ballistic. He screamed every insult he could at me. He beat the livin' shit out of me to `teach me a lesson.' I learned a lesson, all right underage porno galleries -- that he can be mean and cruel and vicious even when he's sober. The next day at school, Todd made me tell him what happened. I only told him because he's the one person in the world I could talk to. Todd took me home with underage teens blowjobs him for the weekend to avoid my Dad. That's why I don't want to go home, why I'm scared to go home. But I guess I'll have to tomorrow night or Monday."A heavy silence hung over them as each grappled with the problem. Then Rick said, "You don't have to. You can stay with me for a while. I have a spare bedroom and..."Todd interrupted. "No, Rick. If he stays anywhere, it'll be with me. I'm certain my parents will agree if they know why."Rick thought just a moment and said, "You're right. You two need each other now. And I'm sure your parents would be glad to help.""I can't do that, guys," Stu objected. "I can't just barge into underagesex your lives because my Dad is on my case."Todd held both of Stu's hands, got within inches of his face, and said, "You've already barged into my life, Stu. And brought me more happiness that I ever expected. I want you in my life. I want to be part of your life. Let me be a part of your life, Stu. Let me help you. Please."Stu fought valiantly to control his emotions and hold back the tears. Ignoring Rick's presence, Stu embraced his boyfriend and said, "You're the best thing that's ever happened to me. I love you."Rick's eyes were moist as he witnessed the two young lovers emotionally bond. He was genuinely happy for them both although it was tempered by Stu's unhappy and unhealthy home life. Walking quietly a few yards away and turning his back on the young lovers, he gave them a measure of qwerty bbs underage privacy to seal their commitment to each other. CHAPTER TENAs soon as they stepped inside Rick's condo, Stu said, "Can I use your bathroom? I really gotta go.""Of course. Down the hall, second door on your left."Todd turned to Rick and said, "I'm sorry, Rick. I know we kinda planned on having some fun in bed when we got back but ... well ... I guess I can't do that with Stu here.""I understand," Rick said."But I hate to disappoint you after all you've done for me ... for both of us.""Don't worry about it," Rick said with a smile. "I'm absolutely delighted that you've found someone your age. You'll make a great couple.""But what about you?" Todd said with obvious concern."I'll be fine!" Rick said. "I'll let you in on a little secret. underage naturalism I have a friend. I met him the other day. We immediately liked each other and became, shall we say, VERY good friends. It seems the stars were aligned just right for both of us this week.""Are you saying...?""Yes," Rick interrupted."That's simply marvelous!" Todd cried out and seized Rick in a hug. They held each other in an affectionate embrace for a while. Stu returned from the bathroom to see them with arms locked around each other. "Hey!" he exclaimed. "I caught you. Making love when my back was turned."Rick and Todd laughed and Todd said, "Come over here! Join the party." Stu hesitated. "Come on!" Todd encouraged and held out a beckoning hand. When Stu was within reach, Rick and Todd both pulled him in a loving if somewhat suffocating hug. Stu melted into their arms, once again overcome by the unqualified love he was getting.When they broke their hug, Todd put on a very serious expression and said to Stu, "If we're going to be lovers, I think there's something you ought to know about me and hardcore petite underage Rick." Rick froze, fearing that Todd would reveal what they had done together. Todd continued, "I love this man. I can love more than one person, can't I?" Todd paused for effect, enjoying Stu's startled reaction and Rick's look of ls russian underage panic. Todd changed his expression from serious to a smile and said, "I love him as an uncle who is kind, understanding, and fun to be with. But the real love of my life is you, Stu. Don't ever doubt that I'll be faithful baby underage sex to you." Rick collapsed with relief into a chair. Todd smiled down at him, knowing the thoughts that had raced through the man's mind. "What you saw was an uncle-nephew kind of hug. That's different than the hug I'm going to give you right now."They hugged, kissed, and even ground their crotches together, not caring one iota that Rick was watching."Hey, you two love birds!" Rick called out. "I've got to go grocery shopping. I'll be gone for at least an hour. underaged naked girl I'll bring home something for supper. Would you mind staying here while I'm gone? Can you keep yourselves occupied while I'm gone?""I think we can find something to do," Todd grinned. "And thanks!"Rick spent twice as long as necessary to shop for groceries and even then hesitated to return home because he wasn't sure just how much time the two love-struck teens would need to satisfy their needs. While he underage vagina girl was gone, Todd and Stu had a quick 69 in the living room and then decided to shower together. Being young and horny, they sucked each other to another climax as the hot water streamed across their naked bodies.Rick came home to find clothes strewn on the floor next to the sofa and heard bbs image underage the shower running. He smiled, genuinely happy that the two young men had found each other and that he had played a small part in allowing them to cement their bond. He busied himself in hardcore underaged porn the kitchen, putting away the groceries and cooking dinner. While he fussed over the preparation of the meal, he refl